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Thrilled to have worked on the "Project Smoke" shoot with  Steven Raichlen:

Favorite recipes? A tough call, but mine had to be the authentic jerk chicken Steven made in collaboration with Gary F. Gary is not only an award-winning cameraman, but the only man in the U.S. authorized to import pimento wood from Jamaica. (Find his products at pimentowood.com.)We smoked everything from Pimento Wood smoked Jerk Chicken to smoked cocktails - and everything in between. The series will air on PBS starting July 4th. We will kep you posted.

Welcome to Pimento Wood

Our products are 100% authentic Jamaican for jerk grilling the way it is meant to be - smoked!



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    Pimento Wood Jerk Pellets Jerk Charcoal Jerk Sticks®
    ----Pimento Wood ---- JERK PELLETS™--- for Pellet Grills onlyJerk CharcoalJerk Sticks®

    NEW- For the first time anywhere - Jerk Pellets for ALL pellet grills! 

    20 pound bag


    JERK CHARCOAL – PERFECT JERK MIX – YEA MON! Most street vendors in Jamaica use this combination of charcoals to give that unique taste to their dishes. This charcoal is a mix of Pimento wood Charcoal, various fruit woods and Log Wood...

    2 Sweet Wood Sticks + 2 Pimento Wood Sticks Used in many popular Jerk Restaurants in Jamaica like Scotchies, Sweetwood Kingston, Boston Bay Jerk Centre + many more. Use as a wood grate to grill Jerk meats on....




    Pimento Wood Sticks Ackee in Brine - Spur Tree Grill Friend T-Shirt
    Pimento Wood SticksAckee in Brine - Spur TreeGrill Friend T-Shirt

    4 Pimento Wood Sticks - Sizes vary



    SPUR TREE Ackee in brine

    Net Wt 540g - 19 oz.

    Pimento Wood T- Shirt with Slogan:





    1st time in the US - SWEET WOOD STICKS for truly authentic Jerk Cooking Little Jerk T-Shirt (kids sizes) Total jerk kit for the... well... Chef in your house :)
    Sweet Wood SticksLittle Jerk T-Shirt (kids sizes)Total Jerk Kit™

    4 Sweet Wood Sticks - Sizes vary


    Pimento Wood T-Shirt  for Kids

    Little Jerk 

    Total Jerk Kit with Pimento wood Sticks





    Jerk Sauces Pimento Wood Chips - Large Jerk Planks®
    Jerk Sauces Pimento Wood Chips - LargeJerk Planks®

    Buy all 3 of our Jerk Sauces - for less


    Pimento Wood Chips - Large

    Pimento Wood Jerk Grilling Planks








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    Just wanted to let you know, i recently traveled to Jamaica and learned more about jerk technique.  I entered a small BBQ rib competition when I got home with your products and won 1st prize!  your pimento wood and products are the real deal!  thank you for brining pimento wood to the USA!
    Chris - EastpointeMI
    Hi Gary. Rec'd order today. Thanks for such quick service. Opened the box and the smell made my mouth water.  These are for my two son-in-laws who both love to smoke and I love to eat what they smoke!
    Kathie- Enumclaw, WA
    I purchase your wood last week to prepare authentic jerk with my in-laws who are from Spanish Town, Jamaica. My jerk came out perfect ! I felt like I was in Fern Gully at a small Jerk Centre. It was great. I  will be ordering again this week.
    Erica- Atlanta, GA
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