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The perfect kit for the Total Jerk!

 This Pimento Wood kit includes everything you need to make your own authentic jerk. This kit includes:


Pimento Wood Chips - 100 cubic inches/ 1lb

Pimento Leaves - 1 ounce

Pimento Wood Sticks - 2 sticks (aprox)1' long x 1-2" diameter 

(Grilling Planks may be substituted for sticks depending on stock)

Pimento (Allspice)- Whole Berries 2 oz.

Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce  - 5oz.

Reggae Table Sauce - 13oz.

Jerk Seasoning  Wet Rub  Marinade - 13.5oz

Jamaican Flag - Fly the colors!

Retail value =$110 -- YOUR PRICE--- $95.00


KITS ARE AVAILABLE with Pimento Sticks or Sweet Wood Sticks 

Please specify - if you want sweet wood or Pimento wood

Total jerk kit for the... well... Chef in your house :)
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